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High Technology PVC Pulverizer Machine

Best For Plastic Powder

Now a days demand for powder of plastics increasing and pulverizer is the better solution for that. Apeshwar Engineering offers better technology in size reduction of plastics via pulverizer machine.

PVC Pulverizer Machine

PVC Pulverizer Machines

PVC Pulverizer Machine - AE-250

PVC Pulverizer Machine AE - 250

Specification Model
Drive HP 55
Throughput in kg/hr 250kg/hr
Mesh Powder 20 Mesh Powder
PVC Pulverizer Machine - AE-350

PVC Pulverizer Machine AE - 350

Specification Model
Drive HP 74
Throughput in kg/hr 350kg/hr
Mesh Powder 20 Mesh Powder
PVC Pulverizer Machine - AE-550

PVC Pulverizer Machine AE - 550

Specification Model
Drive HP 105
Throughput in kg/hr 550kg/hr
Mesh Powder 20 Mesh Powder
PVC Pulverizer Machine - AE-750

PVC Pulverizer Machine AE - 750

Specification Model
Drive HP 125
Throughput in kg/hr 750kg/hr
Mesh Powder 20 Mesh Powder

PVC Pulverizer Machine System


Pulverizer System

  • India‚Äôs first twin excel drive technology in plastic pulverizer.
  • High impact load generated between component called liner & bitter during operation is used to size reduction of granules easly.

Pulverizer Screener

  • Accurate screening and material control.
  • Higher screening capacity.
  • Easy to change vibro screen for various powder quality.


  • High power blower with pricision accuracy.
  • High material conveying capacity.
  • Heavy duty metal body.

Air Lock Valve

  • Running valves at low tip sped to prevent possible ignition source.
  • Outboard bearing and main shaft seal assembly eliminates bearing failure & frictional heat.
  • Rotor blade standard thickness is 10mm.

Sailent Features

  • Twin excel drive technology.
  • Heavy duty structure design.
  • Low energy consumption and high output.
  • The main housing, mill body have a water cooling system
  • The high quality blades are easy to replace and can be used for several time after refeeding.
  • Coarse metering from the screen are re-entering into the mill via closed-loop system.
  • Desired powder quality can be achived with proper metering and various screening system.
  • This pulverizing machine is dsigned with the adjustment bolts, which can allow you to adjust the gap between the stationary blades and rotating blades, finally to control the PVC or plastic powder fineness and size, and meet diffrent needs.


  • Plastic pulverizer is specialized in producing powder from granules of scraps of, rigid, semi rigid, brittle and impact resistance material.
  • Generally used in PVC Pipe Industries, Master Batch, PVC Recycle Plant, etc
  • Typical applications are the pulverizing at PVC, UPVC, and various other plastics.

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